Target audience reach through pr agencies

Every organization aims to reach their product or service effectively and efficiently at the least possible cost and maximise their ROI and yet the chances of them reaching out to their target audience is like a shot in the dark. The chances are you can miss more than hit. Your target audience could be your […]
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How to get internship in a public relations firm?

If you are interested in getting into an internship at a PR agency in chennai, the key is to first prepare and work on making yourself a prospective candidate who will be attractive to the PR company in your city (PR company in chennai). Make it a point to read newspapers and magazines daily so […]
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How to turn the pandemic into opportunity

The term Public Relations itself suggests that there is a lot of interaction with people.  In COVID times, the interaction still remains but has shifted online. The question is that with so many negative things happening all around, how do you get PR on track? Here are some smart ways you can tide over this […]
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What is good publicity & how pr agencies do it?

Did you know that a company’s product is a success or a failure even before its launched? It is a fact for public opinion matters today. The advent of social media has made it even more important in today’s world, that good publicity is valued, cherished and nourished. Good publicity for a company ensures the […]
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