Metrics to measure your pr success

3 metrics to measure your PR success

How to Measure your PR Success? PR professionals have long back faced the challenges of measuring the success of a campaign and effectively reporting earned media results. It can be difficult to understand how to measure PR’s contribution and to justify your hard work to the client. Traditional PR agencies will put together a coverage […]
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why do banks need public relations

Why do banks need public relations? 

Banking today is a complex service with myriad product and service offerings. The digitization of the economy has meant that in-person interactions are minimal today; the personal client-bank relationship of yesteryears has undergone a sea change. Most of the transactions are being performed online and the connect is lost. The competition between banks is greater […]
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Tips to get the best out of your PR Agency

Tips to get the best out of your PR Agency

PR is a highly demanding job and it has many variable factors to consider before making a decision. Appointing a PR agency definitely makes it easy for companies as they take care of all press and news related details. Stating what you want from your PR agency helps them be more productive and achieve higher […]
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Pr agency contributes to company's growth

How a PR agency contributes to your company’s growth

PR agency contributes to your company’s growth Important roles of a PR agency PR agencies take responsibility for creating and maintaining brand reputation, conducting press releases, content creation, etc with respect to your brand. They also keep an eye out for any controversial news that breaks out about your company. In short, PR has a […]
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tips to handle tv interviews

4 tips to ace in your television interview

Imagine that you’re on live television giving an interview and the journalist asks a question for which you don’t have an answer. How would it make you feel? For those who serve as spokesperson, being caught off guard during an interview is what nightmares are made of. It happens almost all the time. Many incidents […]
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pr agency in chennai

PR versus Propaganda

In recent days, propaganda has been gaining a lot of importance, for instance, the Indian and American elections were replete with plenty of it. In simple words, Propaganda can be described as a well-planned attempt to make people think and then behave the way the source wants them to. Public relations can be considered a […]
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network is your net worth

Building your network, one person at a time

Being a PR professional, your network is your net worth. People who are well-established in the PR industry are able to expand their business by leveraging their connections. You have likely gone to an event and met that one person whose sole purpose is to introduce himself and give out his card to everyone. To […]
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the greatest showman - P T Barnum

The Greatest Showman – P T Barnum 

Phineas Taylor Barnum or P. T. Barnum was applauded as the ‘Greatest Showman’ to have ever lived. A man much ahead of his time, he knew the true power of media coverage and harnessed it for his benefit. He was an American politician, showman and businessman who went on to found the Barnum & Bailey Circus and […]
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