reputation build through Public relations

PR Success nurtures with time

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”, said Warren Buffett, the third wealthiest person in the world and also one of the most successful investors on the planet. This quote does share a good connection with Public Relations as it mainly focuses on building relationships that ultimately yields […]
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pr companies in chennai

Tips To Earn Media Coverage For New PR Professionals

PR professionals hold responsibility for earning media coverage for their clients and also securing the existing reputation. As a budding PR professional, these tasks might seem quite apprehensive. Here are the five useful tips for you to gain the necessary media coverage. Building relationships: Obtaining contacts and maintaining good relationships with journalists and reports is […]
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what does pr mean in war

What does PR mean in War?

Have you ever wondered at what PR during war time looks like? It gains a lot of importance as it helps to build image and manage perception, seeking out new allies and more. With the war between Ukraine and Russia happening, this subject has garnered even more interest. During war times, PR mutates into propaganda. […]
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PR companies in chennai

What makes women ideal for PR?

The world over there are many women PR professionals who have not only got into PR careers but also made it to the top. You will be surprised to know that in the U.S., women make up 60-80% of the industry’s workforce.  What gives women that special edge that lets them glide into this industry […]
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craft a PR campaign

How To Craft A Winning PR Campaign

A public relation campaign or a plan is a set of activities that are planned well in advance that will ultimately help in reaching a specific goal. In order to proceed in an organized way, it is important to design a strategic plan on how and when to execute the plan. Every PR professional would […]
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Local Pr agency chennai

Going Local, the key for Successful PR campaigns

National and International brands while advertising have taken the vernacular route ensuring the message they want to convey to the masses is crystal clear. This helps not only the public to understand what the brand is trying to convey but also, take a step forward and make a purchase. Borrowing a leaf from these agencies […]
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What businesses need to know about today’s PR

PR has changed in many ways, but some essential traits remain the same. Here, we give you a peek into the current PR landscape and what’s hot and what’s not! Earned media is the start, not the end Many business people tend to think that once you have received publicity in the media, that’s the […]
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Can AI Replace PRO

Can AI replace a PR professional?

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems which are used to perform tasks that require human intelligence. Many people do fear that this can make their jobs obsolete. Considering a report from Mckinsey and Company, almost 45% of paid activities could be replaced with such devices which estimate to a value of 2 trillion […]
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How important is a PR advisor for your company?

How important is a PR advisor for your company?

Establishing a good connection with people be it, customers, stakeholders or media is very important for any corporate house. Many tend to concentrate more on the running of their business and less on what to showcase to the public at large including the media. With social media playing a crucial role in any business today, […]
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