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Trendjacking your way to the top!

Have you ever tried trendjacking? Trendjacking has been a concept that has always been around in PR but with the advent of social media, the popularity of this has increased manifold. The kind of stupendous results that it delivers has made it a hot favourite with PR professionals. What is Trendjacking? Trendjacking simply means taking […]
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Rosatom CSR activity - Best PR agency in chennai

Highlighting Rosatom’s CSR Activities To Combat Global Warming

Global warming and environmental issues are no longer something that will merely impact us in the future, it’s already happening around us. Rosatom is Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation. This Russian Government organisation, headquartered in Moscow, is one of the leaders in the world’s nuclear energy industry. Notably, it runs 33 nuclear power plant units […]
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7 Super Smart Ways To Keep Social Service Organisation Events In The Media Headlines

Social service organisations such as Rotary International, Lions Club, Junior Chambers, Round Tables, across the globe are highly active organizations that not only facilitates the meeting of individuals across the spectrum for life but has contributed in myriad ways for the betterment of society through projects that range from health care, education, drinking water, environment […]
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Influencers in PR - Best Pr agency chennai


These days a word that’s much in vogue is ‘influencers’.  Who are these influencers? To put this simply, they are people who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their real/perceived authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. For instance, fashion bloggers have greater influence over buyers than even A-list celebrities. We talk […]
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Ethics in investor Relations - Pr company chennai


When it comes to discussing financial communication from a PR agency and investor relations, this is an area that needs to be redefined. In fact, it’s this bedrock of trust on which all else depends. It’s common for one could feel a little confused but here’s clarity. Ethics in a broad sense are defined as […]
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How to use your name board as a powerful marketing tool

Have you ever thought of your name board as being promotional material? Probably not. However, this simple thought can do wonders for the promotion of your brand. In certain places like Chennai, hoardings have been banned. However, name boards placed at ground level are not only pretty safe, you can also make them bigger and […]
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Professional email writing for pr professionals

HOW TO WRITE EMAIL FOR PR PROFESSIONALS? Though there are loads and loads of material on how to communicate better on the internet, there are many who fail in the simple task of writing a professional email. The number of badly written emails that are received and fail to convey what it seeks to is […]
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What do public relations professionals really do?

ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS PROFESSIONAL PR professionals are empowered with the role of creating a good image of your brand among your customers and stakeholders. They tell the story of your brand by adding an extra layer to the message received by the target audience through press releases, articles, press conferences, etc. Here we have shared […]
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