Crisis communication

why do banks need public relations

Why do banks need public relations? 

Banking today is a complex service with myriad product and service offerings. The digitization of the economy has meant that in-person interactions are minimal today; the personal client-bank relationship of yesteryears has undergone a sea change. Most of the transactions are being performed online and the connect is lost. The competition between banks is greater […]
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what does pr mean in war

What does PR mean in War?

Have you ever wondered at what PR during war time looks like? It gains a lot of importance as it helps to build image and manage perception, seeking out new allies and more. With the war between Ukraine and Russia happening, this subject has garnered even more interest. During war times, PR mutates into propaganda. […]
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prevent a crisis from escalating

How to prevent a crisis from escalating

It is believed that there is a crisis unfolding every single day somewhere in the world. Crisis management is an activity we hope we will never need and yet like the fire extinguishers in every nook and corner of an office, a ready to use crisis plan needs to be in place during an emergency. […]
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How can public relations be used to manage a crisis?

ROLE OF PR IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT A crisis may hit any company at any time. How the company deals with a crisis can make or break it. There are many unexpected threats and these could severely damage not just your reputation but also have a very negative impact on customer acquisition and loyalty, revenue and so on. This is […]
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