PR metrics

Metrics to measure your pr success

3 metrics to measure your PR success

How to Measure your PR Success? PR professionals have long back faced the challenges of measuring the success of a campaign and effectively reporting earned media results. It can be difficult to understand how to measure PR’s contribution and to justify your hard work to the client. Traditional PR agencies will put together a coverage […]
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PR for business in chennai

What businesses need to know about today’s PR

PR has changed in many ways, but some essential traits remain the same. Here, we give you a peek into the current PR landscape and what’s hot and what’s not! Earned media is the start, not the end Many business people tend to think that once you have received publicity in the media, that’s the […]
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Can AI Replace PRO

Can AI replace a PR professional?

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems which are used to perform tasks that require human intelligence. Many people do fear that this can make their jobs obsolete. Considering a report from Mckinsey and Company, almost 45% of paid activities could be replaced with such devices which estimate to a value of 2 trillion […]
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PR trends for 2022

PR Trends for 2022

2022 brings with it new hopes and new plans! Like every other industry, PR too is set to embrace new trends and blaze new trails. Here’s a look at what’s in store. 2021 was a year of lockdowns but yet there was plenty of activity on social media and virtual press meets were the order […]
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Important pr metrics your business should track

The Public Relations Industry is today a $11 Billion industry growing at a rapid growth. For marketers, grabbing the eyeballs of the targeted audience is getting tougher and harder to understand. A recent survey showed 66 per cent of PR professionals mentioning, “lack of standards” as the biggest problem with PR measurement and a whopping 82 percent […]
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