PR strategy

Metrics to measure your pr success

3 metrics to measure your PR success

How to Measure your PR Success? PR professionals have long back faced the challenges of measuring the success of a campaign and effectively reporting earned media results. It can be difficult to understand how to measure PR’s contribution and to justify your hard work to the client. Traditional PR agencies will put together a coverage […]
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reputation build through Public relations

PR Success nurtures with time

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”, said Warren Buffett, the third wealthiest person in the world and also one of the most successful investors on the planet. This quote does share a good connection with Public Relations as it mainly focuses on building relationships that ultimately yields […]
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craft a PR campaign

How To Craft A Winning PR Campaign

A public relation campaign or a plan is a set of activities that are planned well in advance that will ultimately help in reaching a specific goal. In order to proceed in an organized way, it is important to design a strategic plan on how and when to execute the plan. Every PR professional would […]
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Boost PR through Awards | Top PR agency in chennai


Everyone likes to win an award but do you know awards can get you the amount of hike you need in the PR field of commerce. No matter you lose or win, the try counts because either way or the other you will experience good reach of your company. There are few guidelines as well […]
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