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why do banks need public relations

Why do banks need public relations? 

Banking today is a complex service with myriad product and service offerings. The digitization of the economy has meant that in-person interactions are minimal today; the personal client-bank relationship of yesteryears has undergone a sea change. Most of the transactions are being performed online and the connect is lost. The competition between banks is greater […]
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Be a thought leader and let the media follow you!

When you become a thought leader, you don’t have to really go around seeking publicity, the media will make a beeline to meet you and seek your views. However, becoming a thought leader is not that simple, it’s something that calls for a well-planned and executed strategy. Working on it with a passion and integrity […]
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With the rise of social media, communication has become faster and it offers many advantages for PR. However, at the same time, it has also brought with it one of the worst fears of the PR industry – the Fake News Phenomenon.         What is Fake News? Fake News is news that […]
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