Negative commentors to Brand advocates

How to Develop a Successful PR Strategy?

The reputation of a business is like a coin with heads and the tails. If we consider heads as positive, then tails ought to be negative. In business too, it is inevitable. One day, you could have positive news and the next day, totally negative depending on the stand the company takes.

Although these negative situations are to be addressed, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t change them to your advantage. As PR professionals, you possess the tendency to transform these negative commenters into brand advocates for your company.

Here’s how you do it:

Value what your customers say:

Being a PR professional, valuing the reviews and feedbacks given by customers either online or offline is one effective strategy to be followed. Also, acknowledging them publicly would evoke a sense of trust and credibility amongst target audiences. Using polite words that could calm the mind of the customer and also providing him with a deadline to rectify the issue would buy you some time to withhold the customer.

Responding promptly:

Since everyone is infinitely connected, reaching out to someone is just a few clicks away. Thus, feedback from a customer can be expected anytime. As a PR professional, the response time you take to reply them back is crucial as there is a wall being built in between your company and the customers as every minute passes by. The response time actually indicates how much you value the negative feedback given by customers and responding to them promptly is one great chance to break the walls.

Offer to make it smooth – even if it’s not your fault:

People generally expect more in return when they seek any service from a company. And when they are not happy with your service, they wouldn’t be recommending your brand to others unless you satisfy them by offering a little more of something, even if it isn’t your fault. The offerings can be cash back, coupon codes, etc. This marketing strategy can change your brand’s perception amongst customers which can bring in potential customers.

Following up:

After you’ve remedied the negative feedback given by the customer, follow up to them through a message or an email asking for feedback on how quick was it rectified. This approach shows the commitment of your company to ensure that the customers are happy at the end of the day.


Turning people into your brand advocates is all about how you care your customers and how you showcase that care to them.