Journalists are vital players in sharing your company’s story which ultimately helps your company gain more credibility in the marketplace and generate more leads as well. Being a PR professional, maintaining a healthy relationship between newsrooms and journalists can be a bit of a challenge. Social Networks have made it possible to engage with journalists and other media people and Twitter is the most widely used.

Just reaching out to them doesn’t mean that they immediately trust every word you say. This is because there is no personal or face-to-face connection between you and the journalist. Earning trust and respect are key factors in maintaining a healthy relationship.  Many experts suggest that earning trust with journalists are built by understanding them as a person behind the profession.

But professionally speaking, here are the three most possible ways every PR professional should consider by earning the trust as well as getting the job done:

Share accurate information:

Even though journalists look for interesting and exclusive content, they also magnify on the accuracy of the content you provide about your company. As PR professionals engage on behalf of the company, they expect the provided information to be true. As journalists, they not only include your company in their story but also put their careers along with it. Thus, providing accurate information is one of the important aspects to win their trust.

Invest time and patience:

As PROs, you should invest time to explain in detail about the story and what you would expect from them. This is because journalists usually are subjected to hear a lot of stories in a day and there is a good chance to mix it up. Patience is another quality you should develop as a PRO as this is a time-consuming process which would bear a lot of discussions. By giving them the right amount of time and showcasing patience would develop a sense of trust in them.

Mind the deadlines:

Journalists usually work under strict deadlines and when you work along with them, they expect you to follow the same. This can earn you their trust big time. If you commit to providing any information to a journalist or any media person, deliver it as promised.

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