Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is one of the most important functions of a PR agency. In fact, it’s the litmus test of their skills. At Catalyst PR, we are proactive and closely monitor any news about the client’s brand. At the first sign of a crisis, we swing into action. Even if a sudden crisis dawns, we are quick to step in and this in itself mitigates a lot of damage.

We create a well-knit plan with defined objectives. Clear and concise communication takes on an increased level of importance during a crisis. Our quick and thoughtful preparation makes all the difference. Our expert team assesses the circumstances and offers bespoke advice on what the brand should do to handle the crisis. We keep communication channels open with the media.

We focus on protecting the reputation of our client’s organization and maintaining their brand image by aligning them with the right strategy followed by marketing campaigns that can tide over the crisis

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