Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring is a specialised service that few PR agencies in South India offer and Catalyst PR is the only one in Tamil Nadu offering this. This gives you that extra edge over your competitors by helping you access valuable business intelligence and insights before they do. This lets you effectively measure your brand’s sphere of influence or company’s visibility in the media and reputation development.

The Three C’s: Company, Competitor and Changes

Our vigilant team is constantly on the lookout for news about your brand across a variety of sources such as TV, Print and the Internet. Our team will keep a sharp eye and track News Items, Client and Competitor Ad Campaigns, TV Serials, Talk Shows, Performances, Interviews and will share this valuable information that is crucial for your business growth. We will also show you changes in the market.

Besides keeping you abreast of the competition and market trends, the other most important role is that it helps manage your reputation and also prevent a crisis. A PR crisis can be the worst thing that can hit a brand, and media monitoring can help you avoid such a catastrophe.


Print is a force to reckon with no matter what kind of new media comes up. We offer quick, relevant and topical print media tracking. We track news items, ad campaigns and more across 14 publications in the domains of Education, Health & Construction industries & any others upon request. We organise the collected resources by category and give you daily reports by email. We deliver a well-compiled CD, which will contain all the contents tracked during a specific period.


Benefits of Tracking

You get to know the latest industry trends and emerging trends. You will be able to track not only news items relevant to you but also keep track of what your competitors are doing. This will aid better decision-making and understanding the consumer mind. In short, this keeps you ahead.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts who painstakingly go through hundreds of news items to bring you quality and relevant insights. They have been trained to spot new trends and emerging ones.

We deliver a well-compiled CD which will contain all the contents tracked during the specific period. All this comes to you at a very affordable cost.

TV Tracking

Today, television is one of the most powerful communication mediums and plays a key role in influencing public opinion, steering their views and trends. We empower your brand or company with television tracking services for over 25 + channels.


Why TV Tracking?

TV tracking helps you stay ahead of the game. Whether you are an SME or large corporate, TV tracking helps you gain insider information on how your target’s mind works, the touch points, what sways your TG and more. It helps you see opportunities as they emerge and exploit them.

Our expertise

We have a team of professionals on the job and they are constantly monitoring the various kinds of news that appear on diverse channels. These could range from News Clips, Client and Competitor Ad Campaigns, TV Serials, Talk Shows, Performances to Interviews.

We provide multi-format delivery – Via DVD / E-mail / WhatsApp. Our value-added service includes content in formats suitable for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube uploads. All this comes to you at a very affordable cost.

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