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From understanding the brief to mapping the media, from preparing the press release to suit the context, translating to ensuring coverage as per the deliverables committed, Catalyst PR leaves no stone unturned for you.

Our strong media relations ensure that adequate coverage is attained for the communication. We have a separate news tracking team that sends the coverage update as and when it appears, and our logistics department ensures that coverage dossier reaches you at the end of the project.

When it comes to handling press conferences, we go the extra mile from identifying a media friendly venue to spokesperson training.

Catalyst PR has a flawless execution, systematic process in place and dedicated team for media relations & news tracking allowing time for effective project execution.

Press Releases

You want to get your brand into the news but there’s nothing sensational happening right now? Don’t worry, we still have a solution. When there is not much news value, yet you want to connect with your audience, a press release can be issued.

Catalyst PR has a team of accomplished copywriters & translators who draft professional press releases that will reach your target with the right information presented the best way. A smart and sharp headline that quickly sums up what the subject of the release is all about is the hook to pull in the journalist’s interest to read further. The release will include all the information needed to publish an article, the date and include media contact details. This is one of the basic and most powerful tools in the arsenal of a PR agency.

Press Conferences

Have you got something to announce to the world? Great. When you have something with rock-solid news value, it’s time for a press conference. Based on the target audience of your brand, we will help select and invite the appropriate journalists to participate in the press conference. For instance, if you are planning to announce your company’s corporate story which could include future plans, financials; National Dailies, business dailies and regional dailies would be invited to cover. The direct interaction will not only facilitate networking but also has the potential to throw up new opportunities.

This is a comprehensive package where we work right from strategizing the news angle, target media list, suggesting venues, date, time, designing invite, in short, everything that is needed till the news gets published.

Exclusive Interviews

Got some news that you want to selectively share with a particular media channel? This includes interviews in print, TV & online. The exclusive interview route is the way to go. This works wonders for celebrities and business owners or brands that are already familiar in the market.  It also works well when a brand is going to get launched or has something unique to share. This requires gearing up before the interview and keeping statistics and related information about the brand and industry.

Catalyst PR takes up the entire responsibility of selecting media, drafting pitch note, suggesting venues, date, time and so on till the story gets published.

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