Though Advertising is one form of Public Relations exercise, today, advertising is seen as an independent and vibrant discipline as most corporate houses give a great deal of attention to advertising. The instant visual impact it creates, outreach across different strata of the society beyond language, age and literacy barriers, and the inherent brand recall pull are some of the attributes that distinguish advertisement from other forms of publicity.

That is why almost all the top corporate houses allot 70% of their annual business promotion budget towards advertising and the remaining 30% for Public Relations.

Though a costly affair, businesses are ready to invest millions in advertising. The news story cited below will be an enlightening material to know the extent to which companies are ready to spend for advertising to reap fortunes in the business.

But it is to be understood well that not every organisation can spend such a huge amount, especially the start ups and small and medium-scales. As mentioned earlier, Public Relations is a low cost, potent marketing tool distinguishably with the power to reach the target group with more information on products/services that will help boost company’s corporate presence and in a sustainable way.

Even in the case above and in the case of big corporates, advertising alone will not give the desired results as people can know more about what the company is into, developments and details of its offerings only through the PR, which will earn the company a good mileage and credibility.

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