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Why is being a social media influencer such a big deal? The fact is that today consumers are more aware than ever before. They no longer trust celebrity endorsements like they used to. An interesting study by Twitter reveals the major shift that has taken place with many consumers relying on influencers almost as much as their friends.  Data taken from the same study also states that 40% of consumers have actually purchased based on an influencer’s tweet.

Word of mouth still holds good

The media might have changed in multiple ways. However, at the core of it, we are all human beings with similar factors that drive us psychologically. We still trust word of mouth more and a social media influencer feels more closer that a distant celebrity.

A great marketing tool

Being a social media influencer means that you have an instant audience that you can market to. Since they repose trust and faith in you, this will generate leads and conversions as well. Becoming the go-to person in your niche throws up rich dividends.

Business collaborations

When you become a social media influencer, the trust reposed in you is not just by customers and prospects, those looking for business collaborations tend to trust you more  too. Your expertise will be valued. This will help you achieve business goals by bringing you greater access to investors and collaborators.

How to become one

The first thing is to clearly define your niche. You need to position yourself as an expert here, read up on your industry and keep your knowledge current. For instance, if you are into the fashion garment industry, provide fashion updates and views with great images. Content is definitely king here, so the more informative and interesting your content, the greater your fan base will be. Make sure it’s fresh and presents a new perspective or novel idea.

What kind of content to use?

Some people are great at expressing themselves well through writing, while others may find visuals more comfortable and rely on more of visuals and less of text. Some people may find videos easier and a better medium. Once you have decided on this, the next step is to decide the kind of social media vehicle that you plan to use. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and so on are popular choices.

Have a content strategy

Let your content follow a particular theme or angle. Do not put in all kinds of random things. The next most important thing is that the reader must get something out of reading it. In short, the information must hold value to the reader. Start publishing only once you have a back-up of two to three months worth of content. Publish at regular intervals.

Stay up to date with current trends. Whenever needed, post content that links a current event with your brand. This keeps your brand up-to-date

Network within the industry

Contrary to popular belief, being a social media influencer is not about plopping yourself on a couch with a laptop and expecting followers to turn up in hordes. You need to make your physical presence felt at industry related events.

Follow these tips and you could soon be a social media influencer in your niche!

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