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We have always been in awe of journalists like doctors and lawyers and detectives, they hold a position that is beyond reach and comprehension at least in the pre-social media days.

Today, the world has shrunk drastically, communication wise (not earth mass) and it is easier to reach out to Journalists, share your ideas, stories, opinions, debate and even meet up with them for a coffee without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Here are a few tips on how to reach out to Journalists and make your story interesting to them.

  1. They can be reached out by calling the Editorial desk and asking for them by name.
  2. Pitch your story idea when you talk to them over phone.
  3. Ask for a meeting preferably in their office or a nearby coffee shop so they don’t waste time traveling to meet you in your office/area unless, it so warrants.

Now, that you have initiated the same:
a. When you meet up with them, do some homework on the prior articles they have written. Appreciate if you had found it interesting and highlight the same.
b. You could pitch in with some ideas of your own so, they can look at it when they do a follow up article/story of their earlier published article. If you read your inputs published in the follow up article, do call or mail them appreciating the time they spent on your idea/input.
c. Keep in regular touch with them even if they do not respond to your messages or mails on a professional basis. Keep in mind, that on an average, they read tons of press releases, meet people and hear out stories on a everyday basis.
d. Share stories, ideas and tips which will be definitely appreciated by them.
e. As everyone is available on social media today, it is good to follow them and comment on their writings.

Please note: they are professionals and have tight deadlines so, the attention span for them hearing/reading you out is very limited.

With all these tips on how to reach out to your most favorite journalist, you can definitely be in awe of them yet smile that you know them also personally.

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