Going Local, the key for Successful PR campaigns

Local Pr agency chennai

National and International brands while advertising have taken the vernacular route ensuring the message they want to convey to the masses is crystal clear. This helps not only the public to understand what the brand is trying to convey but also, take a step forward and make a purchase.

Borrowing a leaf from these agencies and companies, it is high time, PR companies too follow this route by utilizing regional or local Public Relation agencies in the respective cities or even towns to convey the message they want to impart.

Just to throw some numbers and magnitude of what we are trying to convey, across the world, there are 7102 languages and in India with 22 scheduled languages spoken across 29 States and 7 Union territories, delivering information only in one particular language say, English across the country will be less effective. Simply put, the “one-size-fits-all” approach just wouldn’t work out.

“Partnering with Local Agencies” is the way forward

Every company aims to reach people in the most effective way possible and the best-proven way to reach them is by hiring a PR professional. A PR professional analyzes, understands the needs and expectations of the target audience of the company and knows how to convey this information to the public with the help of the media.

For instance, if you are the CEO of a multi-national company and would want to have a product launch of your product in Tamil Nadu, you should be considering the Local PR agencies as they can help in interacting with the media, talking about your product and its importance and ensuring the media covers the launch extensively.

Just to take an example, Sprite, a lemon and lime-flavored soft drink from The Coca-Cola Company was launched in India in 1999 and this drink is preferred even today every summer. Being an International brand, the advertisements they have rendered till now are multi-lingual which has been suitable pan India. Their latest advertisements have also featured different actors and dialogues for different regions.

With advertisers, marketing managers and communication specialists all realizing it is high time to make media waves locally to retain be it market share, Top of the Mind or even brand awareness, PR agencies or professionals in this field will definitely make hay when the sun shines.


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