How to get internship in a public relations firm?

If you are interested in getting into an internship at a PR agency in chennai, the key is to first prepare and work on making yourself a prospective candidate who will be attractive to the PR company in your city (PR company in chennai).

Make it a point to read newspapers and magazines daily so that you stay up to date with current affairs and also gain all round general knowledge. Information is power and in the case of public relations, information is the basis of everything.

Keep your eyes open

Opportunities do not always fall into your lap. Make sure you keep your eyes open for opportunities. You can look out for internships on online platforms such as internshala that allow you to reach employers looking for interns. Join relevant online groups such as hiring groups media groups or PR groups where you can post your requirement.  Spread the word around, let your friends and relatives know that you are actively seeking internship at one of top PR agencies in chennai.

Stay strong in social media

Stay social media savvy. Make sure you have built a strong profile on social media platforms especially on professional ones such as Linked In. On professional platforms, make sure that your skills are presented neatly without any spelling or grammar errors. Mention that you are looking out for an internship in a public relations firm.

Hone your communications skills

PR in essence is all about communication in its various forms both spoken and written. As a PR intern, you will have to interact with different clients and people from different backgrounds. Learn to communicate clearly and with conviction.

Press releases and written content are an essential part of every PR campaign. Learn how to draft official letters especially introductory letters, cover letters and general letters. Learn how to write press releases.

Demonstrate your writing ability by keeping a blog with a particular theme. If you have any published articles in nay newspaper, magazine or reputed online website, this will increase your chances of securing an internship. You could attempt submitting your articles to them.

Have the right attitude

If you receive an interview where you will be considered for an internship, make sure you go well-prepared. Be neat and well-dressed and carry a copy of your CV and printouts of writing. One of the key questions would be why you would be interested in taking up a PR internship. Prepare your answer well so that you appear impressive. During the interview, show interest in learning new things and your willingness to work hard.

A pleasing demeanour, a good grasp of current affairs coupled with good communication skills could help you ace the interview and secure the PR internship that you have been dreaming of.

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