What makes women ideal for PR?

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The world over there are many women PR professionals who have not only got into PR careers but also made it to the top. You will be surprised to know that in the U.S., women make up 60-80% of the industry’s workforce.  What gives women that special edge that lets them glide into this industry with ease and take to it like duck to water? Find out, you could pick up a trick or two.

Women are good listeners

When compared to men, women tend to be more empathetic and good listeners. They connect with people on a deeper level and this helps. They get to the pulse of the client faster, understand their needs and actively work to satisfy client expectations.

Women tend to be more social

By nature, women are more social, and this facilitates better networking and collaboration. Most of them are quite tech savvy and comfortable being social with technology. They are quite open to interacting with new people and acquaintances. This helps to build better connections and improve business as well.

Building long-term relationships with clients is about soft skills and this women have in plenty. For instance, a thumb rule is not to view Facebook fans and Twitter followers as a mere audience but as individuals and treat them with respect and interact well. After all, each can be the greatest advocate or adversary.


Studies show that overall women are perceived to be more reliable than men. This makes them a good choice for many organizations as it stands them in good stead.

Better team work

Studies have showed that women perform better as teams and collaborate better than men. Men tend to be more competitive and prefer going solo. Women have a naturally better capacity to communicate. Women are outspoken and do not hesitate to open up on their concerns, men on the other hand might hold back at times as they could feel they might be perceived as weak.

Women stay up to date

Women love to keep a hold on the news around. You will find that they are the first ones to know about events or news updates in the world at large besides work and friend circles. They are also good at multi-tasking, so they can scroll the news on one side while performing another task on the other.

Women handle crisis well

In their day-to-day lives, women have faced different kinds of crisis. This equips them to handle crisis situations without getting flustered. They would be able to stay calm and think on their feet, moving forward with damage control.

Women keep their egos in check

Many a time, ego can get in the way of taking good decisions. It’s a known fact that men are more egoistic than women. Given a situation, women are more likely to go for a balanced decision and put aside ego for the sake of the larger good.

In conclusion, women are born with qualities that can make them good PR professionals. It’s up to PR agencies to exploit their talent.

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