What you Should look while Selecting a PR Agency for your Firm?

List of things to look at while selecting a PR agency for your Firm

  • Are they competitive?
  • Track Record
  • Are they experts?
  • Reputation
  • Knowledge updates
  • Are they well networked?
  • Are you sure your chemistry will work?
  • Define your objectives and results

Looking for a good PR agency can leave you confused. They come in various sizes, budgets and promises. While the right PR agency can take your brand new heights whereas the wrong one may not give you results or even cause damage to your reputation. So how do you get the equation right? Here’s a handy guide.

Are they competitive?

When we say competitive, we are not just talking about pricing, we are also speaking about how good their PR strategy is. A strong and unique strategy is what will lead to big successes. Make it a point to know more about their clients and the results that they have helped them achieve.

Track Record

The best way to analyse a PR agency is to look at their track record. Don’t be afraid to ask for case studies, sample work and testimonials from customers. These will go a long way in an accurate evaluation.

Are they experts?

Experience counts.  Expertise comes from experience. When you choose a PR agency that has handled diverse clients, that really helps. They will help you avoid pitfalls and also stand as a strong support to tide over any PR crisis.


The reputation of a PR agency matters a lot. Check with peers in your industry and also their track record. After all, you don’t want to sign an agreement and later on find out that the PR agency has an unsavoury reputation!

Knowledge updates

Go for a PR agency that stays abreast of the latest trends. The world and media is changing, the PR agency must be one that is flexible and quick to adapt to changing times.

Are they well networked?

PR is all about networking.  Their contacts in the media matter but so do their contacts within the industry, celebrities and so on. These are important to help you get more opportunities to grow and collaborate.

Are you sure your chemistry will work?

When you work with a PR agency, the experience has to be smooth. Don’t just go blindly with recommendations; go with an agency that makes you feel comfortable as well. A PR agency is going to be with you in the long haul and it’s best to pick a partner who aligns well with you.

Define your objectives and results

The key to getting the best of a PR agency is to outline your PR objectives and start the discussion with them. This will also give you an idea of how the PR agency looks at them and also work to define what kind of results you expect and what they can realistically deliver. This make things move forward seamlessly without glitches as both of you stand on the same page.

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