How To Promote A Music Album In The Pandemic?

The unprecedented pandemic turned the world upside down. Modes of communication and reaching out to the media also were completely transformed. At Catalyst PR, we were tasked with creating awareness about the Symphonic Music Album, titled ‘Spirit of Humanity’, by Chennai-based Composer Ganesh B. Kumar which was to be launched worldwide. Such a launch of a Symphonic Poem is a unique and first of its kind concept in India.

What is the Symphonic Music Album?

The Symphonic Music Album is a new and unique effort and we launched the Symphonic poem, a version of symphony. Titled ‘Spirit of Humanity’, this carried the message of spreading peace and harmony.

How we did it!

Our first challenge was familiarizing the media with this first of its kind and unique concept in India. Secondly, we had to identify how to pitch this whether as western music beat / Entertainment beat or Tamil Literature beat and it was a big challenge for us to identify the right media person. As the event was in the initial period of pandemic, there was no possibility for any launch function. And since this was an international event, there was no postponing too. We realized that pandemic times called for a change in strategy. Under normal conditions, the launch would have been a glittering event with celebrities. The pandemic dampened spirits but it did not stop us from coming up with an innovative solution that an online press conference would work well. Though this was a new concept during the initial period of the pandemic, the client was open to trying it. We felt that seeking felicitations from the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman would help. Initially, client did not get any feedback from the Honorable Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman’s office but after seeing the wide press coverage that the event received, she sent her Best Wishes and this created a huge impact. We are happy and proud that we secured wide appreciation of the strategy used for the launch during the pandemic. The media loved it and the event was covered in almost all publications. It also received coverage in the global media and garnered around 94online coverage too. Above all, it had great reach amongst music lovers across the world.

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