How Catalyst PR Helped Mahaveer Awards To Build A Strong Reputation

Since 1995, Chennai-based Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation has been giving away the Mahaveer Awards to outstanding individuals and organisations. The concept was to recognise their excellence in propagation of `Non-violence & Vegetarianism’, `Education’, `Medicine’ and `Community & Social Service’. Recently, the 19th edition of this was held.

The Foundation has so far identified, recognised and honoured over 60 individuals and institutions doing selfless service for the welfare of the needy, the weak and the voiceless.

The Foundation was happy with the work, yet wanted to reach out even further. Their goal was to reach out to individuals across India and secure nominations. However, this was not happening despite their best efforts. It’s then that they approached Catalyst PR. We analysed their target group and came up with a Pan-Indian strategy.

We understood that there was a lack of awareness. We needed to whip up the enthusiasm of participants far and wide.

The PR campaign was run in select newspapers across the length and breadth of the country. The result was that nominations poured in from all quarters, from Punjab to the North East to South India. This provided greater choice.

The Mahaveer Awards also gained a lot of eyeballs and many who were unaware of it, had the opportunity to hear about their ideals.

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