Shriram Chits – Taking On Awareness Campaign

Shriram Chits is well-known as a financial institution. But for nearly three decades it does a commendable job of reaching out to youth with moral and ethical values of life and as part of its CSR. Through its literary wing Shriram Ilakkiya Kazhagam every year Thirukkural Elocution & Drawing Contest is being organised at state-level. Let us see how the wide-spread awareness, witnessing participation of around 3000 students from different corners of the state, is made possible through PR…..

Partnering with Shriram Ilakkiya Kazhagam (SIK)

We took over the PR mantle whenSIK’s awareness venture was at its budding stage. Our strong PR presence and good media rapport helped us fetch it a bigger reach and participation.

Our modus operandi

We use direct mailers to connect to several hundreds out of 20,000 and growing institutions in Tamil Nadu and whose databases are available. Every year, we keep scrutinizing the information collected for a database that is up-to-date and relevant.

To communicate to the remaining, we use press releases, scrolls in our media partner TV channel, and reach out to schools & colleges across regions from regional branches of our client.

Creation of A4 posters for promotion, door-to-door campaign, creative LOGO, badges, detailed application form, and certificates for winners are our other strategies used for publicising and encouraging participation.

On the event management side, we set up 10 major centres in 10 major cities of Tamil Nadu so that their surrounding places also have an access to participation and thus facilitating the event to attain its state-level extent.

Student participation is facilitated across categories – Junior, Senior, and College. They are subjected to preliminary and semi-final rounds and eventually the finalists from the semi-final rounds of each of the 10 centres and across the three categories contest in the grand finale.

Celebrity Coordination, Creating Photo Opportunities and Production Work for TV Telecast are the other activities we manage to value add and help the programme achieve desired success in its entirety and up to the client satisfaction.


Every year we see overwhelming participation that stands testimony to the PR outreach. Not only the participation gets state-wide level, the coverages of the contests from different centres contribute to the magnitude of the reach. Eventually, succeeding in creating wide-spread awareness on the advocacies of Thirukkural and reaching the goal of enriching young minds with morals the great Tamil literary work has presented us with.

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