Tips To New PR Professionals

Tips to new PR Professionals

PR professionals – the bridge between an organization and the world that’s outside its boundaries. That’s how important you are. Being the set piece in this chess board, you are always followed by people along with their questions which makes you realize the responsibility you hold to answer them accordingly. Balancing people can be one

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Why you should try Video PR?

It’s no secret that print is on the decline while viewership of video is growing. When it comes to news, the ‘instant gratification’ of live video streaming content and the feeling of watching news unfold with your own eyes can’t be matched by print. After print, people were talking about the digital wave but now

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PR Trends For 2022

PR Trends for 2022

2022 brings with it new hopes and new plans! Like every other industry, PR too is set to embrace new trends and blaze new trails. Here’s a look at what’s in store. 2021 was a year of lockdowns but yet there was plenty of activity on social media and virtual press meets were the order

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