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India's first ISO 9001:2015 certified PR agencyy

India’s first ISO 9001:2015 certified PR agency...

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Multiple National Awards Winner

8 National Award Winning PR agency in chennai

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Only PR firm in TN run by an Ex-Journalist

Only PR firm to have in-depth presence in Tamil Nadu

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Where strategy meets implementation

We take pride in being one among the very few leading PR consultancy firms, headquartered in Chennai and rapidly progressing. When it comes to delivering results and keeping the promise, our clients and partner associates rely on us, that’s what makes us the most sought-after PR firm…

Our Services

Editorial Services

Complete PR agency in chennai, From understanding the brief to mapping...

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Advertorial Services

Where advertorial services are required, Catalyst PR has a specialized in house team ..

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Media Partnering

Our valuable and long term relationship with the media has resulted....

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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring is a specialised service that few PR agencies in South India offer...

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Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) National Awards 2020


The Times of India’s Times Business Awards 2021 - Best PR Agency


Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) Excellence Awards 2021


There are two things that all of us strive towards – Recognition and Appreciation. We believe recognition and appreciation is bestowed naturally when we work par excellence. We have been fortunate enough to be recognized and be appreciated by our clients, and in the process win some awards too.

Who We Serve

Ad Agency & Assn

When it comes to any major announcement or PR for their events

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With more than 864 universities, India has the world’s largest higher education system

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India’s financial sector is one of the key sectors in the country and the economic stability

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Food & Life Style

India is one of the fastest growth market for MNCs in the food and lifestyle segment.

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Healthcare & Pharma

Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors both in terms of revenue & employment.

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Media houses are constantly innovating or have news to share. Like any other brand,

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Case Studies

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People Say The Nicest Things

Excellent service & support!!

Signing up with catalyst is one of the best things which has happened to naturals. In the last 2 years they have done wonderful PR that today we have become the undisputed leader in our category. They are quick, proactive and very objective.




Nice work! Keep it up

From our bad experience in the past, we were skeptical in seeking PR service again, However, Catalyst PR’s Proficiency totally changed our impression. Its well-planned strategies are result-oriented, giving the desired read.

Dr. Arvindan Selvaraj

Kavery Hospital


Great support!!

With Catalyst PR, it has been results, results, results – all the way!

S. Karaiadi Selvan

CADD CenterManaging


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Relations?

The term ‘Public’ in Public Relations may refer to an organisation’s external stakeholders such as customers, investors, regulators, and local communities. Public Relations is essentially a communications practice. The role of Public Relations is to communicate the positive roles the brands play in the lives of the public – directly and or indirectly.

Public Relations heavily relies on media, especially the press. Consequently, some of the key deliverables of Public Relations are: organising press meets, creating press releases, and interacting with journalists.

However, Public Relations does not have to be media driven always. It can also use non-media means such as organising customer meets, investor meets, community events, and publishing its own newsletters or magazines, to create brand awareness.

Is advertising different from Public Relations?
Both advertising and Public Relations have the same goal, which is ‘brand promotion’. However, there is an ocean of difference when it comes to how these two disciplines try to achieve their goals. While advertising relies on ‘paid’ media such as advertisements in newspapers, TV channels and now internet portals, Public Relations focuses on ‘earned’ media, which is all about earning the trust of the publications and getting coverage in their articles, reports, interviews, and other media assets.
Is Public Relations cost effective? If yes, can I do away with advertising?
Compared to advertising, Public Relations is certainly cost effective. However, Public Relations is not here to replace advertising. They both usually need each other’s support. Typically brands allocate 70% of their promotion budget for advertising and the rest for Public Relations.
What are the benefits of press / media coverage?
When your brand is mentioned in media, it
  • Increases awareness of your products and services, boosting your sales
  • Provides a comprehensive financial picture about your business to banks, financial institutions, and others in the ecosystem
  • Convinces new dealers, traders, agents to establish business relations with you and it also helps to retain the existing ones
  • Promotes goodwill in the society and boosts the morale and esteem of your employees.
  • Makes it easy for you to attract new talent
  • Gives you a competitive edge
Why should I not contact publications directly? Why do I need a PR firm?

Having a great news will not automatically translate into good media coverage. It calls for expertise in presenting the news in appropriate format and distributing it to the right person / division in the media, and often, follow-up.

Take the case of issuing a press release. The news must be prepared and presented to the press in a particular format. This helps journalists quickly understand what is news. Then the press release should be reached to the journalist / reporter who specializes to cover such news. It should be done at the right time. Above all, it requires appropriate follow ups.

If you do not have the expertise or do not have a dedicated team that enjoys a rapport with the journalists and publishing houses, then you will need a PR agency.


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