Tips for writing an effective press release

To write an effective Press release

There are so many ways to write a press release. So many tips, so many do’s and don’ts that can confuse even an industry veteran. In my experience of 20 plus years, reading a press release of a journalist and writing one for a journalist later in my life, I have these points to offer:

  1. Headlines sell!

What catches your eye while reading a newspaper is not the dull boring headline but, an eye catchy, thrilling, suspenseful headline that makes you want to read the whole article.

So, when you are writing your press release, think like a reader, write like a journalist and you have got your headlines.

Also, if you can relate the topic with the current affairs or with the talk of the town or with the trendy items, then the pick up for your press release will be high.

  1. Introduction matters

If you are going to start writing a press release citing the birth of Adam and history, no one can save your release from being shredded.

Your introduction should be clear, state facts and not go beyond three sentences preferably. The introduction should state what your headline is all about.

  1. Word count

The word count should not exceed 300 to 400. If you like to add anything more, add it as an annexure, marking a reference in the main press release.

  1. Things to consider

While writing a press release, ensure that the title or subtitle carries the BRAND name. While using numerical, try to put in numbers too, if necessary. Also, use financials in INR, not in USD or Euro. If for any reason, you were using USD or Euro, please mention the INR value in brackets.

  1. Stick to two quotes

Everyone loves to be quoted. And, in a press release that is shared by a company, everyone wants to have their piece. And it is an absolute No-No.

Just stick to the company spokesperson quoting a maximum of two paragraphs with enough information that gives an idea to the journalist what this is all about and it is authentic.

While using their quote, ensure that the person’s initial, name, designation, and company name are mentioned properly.

  1. High-resolution images

Use high-resolution images for your story, which will help you to get more space.

  1. Profile of the company

Ensure there is a brief profile of the company which is not more than two paragraphs and mention the company website – probably with hyperlink and ensure that the facts used in the website are same as the press release.

For instance, the press release can end with “To know more about us, please click on”

  1. Signature

Lastly, do not forget to mention your name, designation, mobile number, and mail id with a nice “please do get in touch with me for any clarification” line.

This ensures a journalist can reach out to you at any time of the working day/night if she/he wants any more information.


Additional tip:

Anyone calling out for more information is checking out a possible bigger story and it won’t hurt to push for a one on one interview that can give bigger coverage for your company. Just Go For It.