Can AI replace a PR professional?

Can AI Replace PRO

Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems which are used to perform tasks that require human intelligence. Many people do fear that this can make their jobs obsolete. Considering a report from Mckinsey and Company, almost 45% of paid activities could be replaced with such devices which estimate to a value of 2 trillion USD.

But can artificial intelligence replace PR professional? Of course not. It cannot completely take over what a PR officer does. But by associating with PR, it can be a great asset to the industry by making the work easy. Creating media lists, arranging meetings, writing standard follow-up emails are some mundane human jobs which the AI can do better. The soft skills such as trust building, storytelling, and relationship building will be handled by PR professionals.

Let’s discuss some other Key areas where the AI-PR association can drive great results.

Managing PR campaigns effectively:

Most PR professionals have to determine the best time to initiate a perfect PR campaign for any company. This is a bit of guesswork as it depends on various other factors which can be tedious to a human. This is one great area where AI can take out the guesswork and prove with data and analytics. It can surf through the ginormous amount of data under a lesser time bracket to calculate the best results.

Task automation:

Every single day of a PR professional is occupied with a lot of tasks that include scheduling calendars, structuring meeting notes, setting due dates and sending out follow-ups. Managing such high priority tasks can pave the way to human errors. Artificial intelligence can help in automating such tasks with utmost accuracy, thus improving the life of a PR professional.

Determining true influence:

Influencers, as we know are an integral part of a growing business nowadays. In the past, they were just categorized based on the number of followers and likes they receive. As the current world deals with competition, every business aims for the best when it comes to influencers also. AI can quickly analyze each of them and categorize them based on their activity and audience reliability.

Accurate Buyer Personas:

With the help of AI, it is easy to determine what the people think or what they aim to buy any product. It can track their purchases, their searches and even what social media your target audiences use more. They also help in delivering the products people require through their favorite social media platforms and even web results.

Improving content:

Data provided by AI can help PR professionals refine their content which in turn will help them reach people in the way they would like. AI can cancel out useless contents which will literally end up being spams to audiences.

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