How A PR Campaign Can Help A Brand Launch

In today’s increasingly competitive world, consumers are being bombarded by information and marketing from all sides. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to grab the attention of their target audiences. However, the world’s top brands have always been innovative in their marketing and ensured that when their brands get launched, they get the big spectrum attention.

Most brands cantake a leaf out of Apple’s book. After all, it’s one that has very successfully used PR to create a buzz. If you scan the media, before the launch of any new model of Apple iPhone, you will find the hype building around it. It keeps the target at the edge-of-the-seat in anticipation. The result is that there are long queues for it immediately after launch. The products get sold out like hot cakes. Now, isn’t that the dream of any marketer?

Define your target audience well

A clearly defined target audience is what sets the tone for a successful brand launch. This also helps in selecting the media that you want to reach.

How will PR tie in with the brand launch?

PR will build up the anticipation for a product before its launch. This is to similar teaser campaigns that brands use before a product launch. The product launch event will also be covered by the media and this will generate the much needed hype. This initial aggressive thrust will increase brand awareness and build credibility.

Should you have a soft launch?

Sometimes brands want to get a feel of the market before going all out. This happens with a soft launch where not much media hype is created. This could be done with a small By Invites only launch with the press and few guests. They could sample the product. This will get a preview of the market response and in the case of some products certain features could be tweaked if needed.

Get your product reviewed

Favourable product reviews can create the curiosity about your brand. This plays a big role in influencing brand opinion. This works especially for consumer durables and electronics.

Keep the message straightforward and clear

The ad agency and PR agency need to stay aligned so the same message goes out. If the advertising campaign follows a certain line of thinking in its message and the PR campaign contradicts it, this will affect  the brand as consumers will get confused.

PR helps humanise your brand

The personality of your brand comes through with a well-planned PR strategy with regular updates. The brand launch through PR shows its human face that the target audience can relate to.

Like all other promotions, plan your PR strategy for your brand launch well in advance. Maintain a clear line of communication. Besides the information, provided to the PR agency, depute one person in the company to handle any queries from the press. Make sure they are friendly and accessible. The better your homework and the better your planning, the greater your reach.

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