Is pr a part of marketing?

Thirty, twenty or even ten years back, this topic would not have come up. It would have been scoffed at. Oldtimers would have shook their heads saying it is impossible, yet times change, and with the onset of the world embracing digital, the lines have blurred. PR and marketing have come together to work cohesively as one team.

Earlier, the marketing department would have charted out their plans and as an after-thought, informed the PR team of the same. Today, they cannot afford to do so. The typical PR strategy rolled out by the communications team was to announce company news, launch of new products, bagging awards, a partnership/takeover etc.

Today, social media and the digital medium have changed the very landscape making both PR and marketing work together to achieve maximum results.


Start integrating PR practices into you marketing plans and see a huge difference.


could be primary and secondary name list and can also include media, customers, prospects, suppliers or vendors, partners, employees (present and past), investors and lastly, social media.

With this wish list ready, start reaching out methodically and see the difference it makes to your brand.


Now that you have your list reach out to the editors and journalists (print, broadcast and radio) who cover your Industry. Do constant follow ups. Also, reach out to industry experts, bloggers, youtubers and influencers in the social media domain.


It is the job of the marketing team to create a story and the PR’s job to pitch it to the media. With the right connect, you are bound to gather views, reviews and comments too.

Everyone today, goes by reviews. An influencer who gives a positive review can make or break your product/brand and the chances for your review/content to go viral is high.


The job of marketing is to create brand awareness and it is the same with PR too! There is a synergy here. With the media covering the product or brand, brand awareness and credibility is built overnight that no amount of advertising or marketing can deliver. Make PR a part of your marketing strategy. Do not look at PR as a stand-alone expense in your liabilities column at the time of preparing your budget for you know, PR can and does make an impact that is measurable and invaluable.