How to use your name board as a powerful marketing tool

Have you ever thought of your name board as being promotional material? Probably not. However, this simple thought can do wonders for the promotion of your brand. In certain places like Chennai, hoardings have been banned. However, name boards placed at ground level are not only pretty safe, you can also make them bigger and brighter. In fact, big global brands such as Pepsi and Coke cash in on this in a big way by using signboards of their outlets and this becomes a free advertisement.

A name board is a valuable piece of brand merchandise. This is the first impression your customer gets as he walks into your office or just passes by. You can not only place your name on it, add a tagline that describes your product or service or its qualities. You could also add a few lines that promote it. You could add on your website address and a phone number where people could call to receive further details.

The first thing that this does for you is create brand awareness. People passing by your office notice you brand and could get motivated to learn more about it. Once your brand name becomes familiar, you will no longer have to hard sell, instead there would be demand created.

A great idea for designing the board is to go with LED lighting. This is long-lasting and makes your sign board look very attractive at night. If you want to go one step further, you can even add on a LED moving message board. For a lower cost name board option, go with materials like vinyl or flex but make sure to keep it lighted up at nights.

You can also keep changing your sign board now and then to add some novelty to it. This also helps to make it a habit for customers and prospects to watch out for it when they pass by or visit.

Get creative! A name board is a great space to use creativity. Use attractive colors and messages to capture the attention of your target audience. It sure will get you noticed!

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